Anonymous asked:

Hey semi! I finally got to play wowolfol and it was really good! Do you have planned to make chapter 3 tho? Just wondering! Hope this question doesn't bother you.

i plan to but i cant figure out how to play it out. too much shit.

Anonymous asked:

Fudge anon. I prooooooobably should have mentioned that particular recipe was going to be very rich and sweet. My bad! There's ways to make it not-so-sweet. I'll send a better recipe / some tips when I have some more time. I am glad it was edible! Don't eat too much or you will get very sick, that particular fudge is SUPA rich. <3

i can tell, lmao. it was good tho. gonna cut back on chocos next time,

Anonymous asked:

The fudge anon here! I am excited to see how your goodies turn out!

it was extreme flavor and i ate two pieces and i kinda hav a stomachache.

it was edible tho thank da lor.d