Anonymous asked:

to the acnlconfessions anon, if they wanted more art they could always go to your other ART blog??? idk what is common sense

the funny thing is my other art blog is also filled with anons, LMAO. 

people just really enjoy sending me anon questions. 

Anyways, people act like there’s absolutely no way around this anon flood problem but if they spent as much time whining about it as they do trying to find a goddamn solution, we wouldn’t be here. 

And there’s always the unfollow button.

Anonymous asked:

Also, where do I find who the hosts are?

If you are paired up with a date, one of you will have to host. Just have them visit your town. Island tours. Have Kapp’n sing u love songs.

AND WEED. put ur fucking back into it and weed the fucking town. A great date activity. They should include weeding in IRL prom. 


My apologies for anyone that didn’t get paired up. I was unable to find you a suitable candidate due to preferences and I really don’t wanna pair a 24yo with a 14yo. damn. 

In total, 98 people have been paired (49 couples) and 33 leftover. 

I hope you all have fun, and special thanks to  and mayortea for helping a homie out. U guys real homies. sheds a tear. 

All in all, I hope you have a good time. 


Anonymous asked:

Do you have any villagers you want? Rodeo, Roscoe and Coco would go very well with your town.

They DO look cool, especially Roscoe. I don’t like big villagers, though. I like the small ones that seems like you can pick them up and carry them around. 

ATM, I don’t think I have any specific villagers in mind. I just invite any cool-looking ones from campsite to chill in my town until it’s their time to leave.

Anonymous asked:

im convinced that at one point codec made some cranky comment about how weird the town was for example the huge ass pockets that can hold so much and crow then suddenly realizes HOW INSANELY LARGE HIS POCKETS ARE and long story short codec walks in the next day and finds crow on the floor in his underwear wriggling around trying to climb into his tiny shorts pockets

write a book.

Anonymous asked:

ive been getting literally 2 hours of sleep everyday for the past month or so and i feel like shit. but your art makes me feel a bit better. so thanks semi u are in fact the swaggiest.

you need to get more sleep, anon. 

you’re welcome.